Mediation and Arbitration with Michael J. Whitten & Associates, P.C.

Michael J. Whitten has mediated in excess of one hundred cases successfully and has arbitrated numerous cases successfully.  Michael J. Whitten uses his considerable experience as a litigator to understand the positions of each side.  Using this knowledge, he is able to help the parties craft solutions that work best for everyone involved.

Adam T. Whitten has successfully mediated cases that range from small claims, criminal and civil litigation, contracts, and multiparty business disputes. He takes a solution-oriented, reality-based approach to mediation, and believes that solutions sometimes come to you when and where you least expect them, therefore he keeps an open mind.

Use mediation to resolve legal dispute

If you want your case heard and decided without the time and expense of a full-blown lawsuit, then Michael J. Whitten & Associates, P.C. can help.  We offer experienced arbitrators who will decide your case fairly and justly. Contact us today to see if your case is right for arbitration.

We offer full and half day mediations and arbitrations scheduled at the parties convenience.  Our facilities offer WI-FI internet access and have two large conference rooms, one small conference room and a large law library which can also be used as a third conference room.  

Please contact Alexandra McDonald, to obtain either Michael J. Whitten’s or Adam T. Whitten’s curriculum vitae, rate sheet, and availability.