If you are involved in a dispute and one of the parties in the dispute (the plaintiff) is seeking for compensatory damages from the other party (the defendant) as a result of an act of negligence or violation of a contract, you need a lawyer with great negotiation and court room skills. Michael J. Whitten & Associates, P.C. will make sure that your case will be properly handled and that you will not be taken advantage of in negotiations and appeals and compensation.

The Litigation Process is complicated and goes through several stages.

Before litigation can occur, the plaintiff must file a “complaint” with the court. Then the defendant must file an “answer” within a certain period of time.

Michael J. Whitten, Recognized Court Room Attorney

• Discovery phase - Both parties are given ample time to seek documents and other evidence that will strengthen their claims. Depositions are done during discovery.

• Pre-trial - Motions and requests are filed for jury trial, continuance, amend pleading, or intervention. Sometimes agreements can be reached before going to trial.

• Trial - Parties present evidence at trial to judge or jury for judgment.

• Settlement - Results can be non suit, dismissal, summary judgment where the judge rules before trial, or default judgment.

• Appeal - You can request a motion for a new trial if an error has occurred in the trial.